"It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who Is Mark Twain?

Finally spotted this book at Borders last night. Flipped through it, very excited to get my own copy, curl up with it, and lose myself in the previously unpublished wit and wisdom of Mr. Clemens. It looks like a fine piece of work.

I promise a full review once I get my hands on my very own copy. In the meantime, if any intrepid reader/publisher sees fit to send me a complementary copy, be my guest!!


Himika said...

Hi..Interestin blog...quite liked the stuff i read..Bt wats the fixation wid Mark Twain al abt??as in ther r more authors..Better ones tooo...Anyways u mus b havin ur reasons...strtd followin ur blog yest..n for sm vague reason my own link doesnt quite appear wen u clik on the thumbnail..so here's the link
Hope u hav a gud read..:)Tc:)))

B-Sol said...

I find Twain to be the most important, and most entertaining American author who ever lived. Quite simply, he speaks to me like no other writer does, his frankness, his timelessness, his sense of humor. I find him to be a kindred spirit :-)

Himika said...

HMMM..Interestinn...although iv loved his Tom Sawyer, Charles Dickens' work attracted me more..Especially THE TALE OF TWO CITIES!...did u chk my blog?

Jeff Wills said...

This is an excellent book. I've enjoyed all the essays in it. Twain is really the first of the modern prose stylists.