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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Last Mississippi Steamboat to Hit the Scrap Heap

Although constructed in 1926, the Delta Queen is the last traditional, 19th-century style paddle steamboat currently traveling the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. It is the last connection to a type of ship that is a part of Americana; the type of ship once piloted by Twain, and written about in his memoir Life on the Mississippi.

However, the U.S. Coast Guard has decided that the Delta Queen is too old and dangerous to remain in service, and so it has been scheduled for decommissioning, according to the international news website EURSOC.

That isn't stopping those who want to preserve this iconic piece of American culture. That's right, there's a movement afoot to save the Delta Queen. Those interested should visit save-the-delta-queen.org.


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is that only the Washington, D.C., branch of the Coast Guard has always opposed the exemption of the Delta Queen while their local inspectors have issued certificates of inspection for the Delta Queen numerous times and again did so in April this year, expressedly stating that the Delta Queen is very safe.

All this is a political issue, not a safety issue. A National Historic Landmak will be victim of obscure political games and nobody with a clear mind understand why.

B-Sol said...

This is sad and terrible. What exactly are the "political games"? What agenda does the DC branch have that involves scrapping a national landmark?

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